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Wrecking Begins With V-500 GT Dust Suppression as Gorick Construction Demolishes Hospital Building

(Johnson City, NY)

Crews from Gorick Construction (Binghamton, NY) recently began demolishing the old Picciano Building on the UHS Wilson Medical Center campus earlier this month. With an impressive fleet of excavators and the proper attachments, the company is making quick work of the structure. 

In order to keep dust emissions at a minimum, the company recently purchased a second dust suppression unit from HKD Blue. This time, they chose the elite V-500 GT, a self contained dust suppression unit. 


Hitachi ZX500 and CAT 345CL demolishing the structure

The largest demolition machine onsite is a Hitachi ZX500 UHD high-reach excavator with a Genesis GDR200 concrete pulverizer. They are also wrecking with a CAT 345CL equipped with a Genesis LPX 500 multi-head processor, a CAT 325DL equipped with a hydraulic magnet, ho-ram, and bucket. Lastly, a Volvo EC300L with a bucket and hydraulic thumb for debris load out. 

V-500 GT with GEYSER atomizing nozzle

The V-500 GT dust suppression cannon allows Gorick Construction to perform the demolition more efficiently.  Visual emissions can force a contractor to stop or reduce the rate of operation, or air monitors reading high silica levels can trip. The remote controlled functionality of V-500 GT with the GEYSER atomizing nozzle allows any operator to adjust water flow, direction, and barrel angle to focus on the primary sources of fugitive dust emissions. Additionally, Gorick does not need to dedicate a laborer and therefore has additional manpower for more production.

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