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About HKD Blue

Our water-atomizing dust suppression technology was born from our parent company, HKD Snowmakers, a pioneer and leader in the snowmaking industry.

Understanding our technology could be adapted to provide efficient and environmentally sound dust control, the team – based in Natick, Massachusetts and Quebec City, Canada – began an exhaustive research and development process to ensure we manufactured industry leading dust suppression technology.

At HKD Blue we know that every job is different. Our team strives to provide local knowledge and industry expertise to help you execute a dust control or particulate matter (PM) emissions strategy that fits your site’s dynamic conditions.

This process includes a customized Dust Control Compliance Strategy that examines relevant local, state, and federal regulations in conjunction with the specs of your site to make recommendations based on what you need to follow code and protect your workers.

We strive to provide high quality machines that create safe, effective work environments. We know it is a small piece of your site’s operation, but we are proud of our work to provide some of the best dust control solutions that help you get the job done.

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