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Update: Equipment in-stock and ready for service

The HKD Blue Recovery is an industrial solution dispersement package designed to fight the spread of COVID-19 and similar viruses or bacteria. The Recovery is built with modularity in mind, allowing for maximum flexibility in providing the appropriate package for the intended application. The primary components include a fan gun, high pressure pump, remote control and diesel generator for power. Optional items include a trailer skid platform, and multiple options for the solution tank.

Tow-Behind Trailer Configuration

Roll-On Trailer Configuration

Specifications Include:

    • Industrial Fan Motor & High Pressure Booster Pump
    • Spray plume up to 250′ long and 20′ wide
    • Adjustable Nozzle Configurations for desired applications and flow rate
    • Hands-off Remote Control Functionality for safety and operational ease
    • Electric Oscillation & Elevation Jack
    • Integrated Water Tank with multiple capacity options

Now – more than ever – it is time for collaboration between business, countries, and international organizations. Below we’ve compiled a gallery of what other countries are doing to “flatten the curve.” Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts, suggestions, or concerns about COVID-19 and how we can stop it.


South Korea


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