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V-500 S

The forklift-and-crane-friendly V-Flow 500 S unit is designed to fit in the bed of a standard long-box pick-up truck. Perfect for small demolition sites or quick jobs, we also engineered this unit to be crane accessible for your biggest jobs.

  • Complete with central nozzle and outer misting ring, the compact V-500S skid can project water coverage via remote control a maximum distance of 250 feet
  • The compact unit balances perfectly when lifted by barrel ears for easy crane access
  • Full Remote Control Variable Flow Technology

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V-500S Gallery


Wrecking Begins With V-500 GT Dust Suppression as Gorick Construction Demolishes Hospital Building

(Johnson City, NY) Crews from Gorick Construction (Binghamton, NY) recently began demolishing the old Picciano Building on the UHS Wilson Medical Center campus earlier this month. With an impressive fleet of excavators and the proper attachments, the company is making quick work of the structure.  In order to keep dust emissions at a minimum, the company…

Snowmaking Dust Control and Hazardous Material Encapsulation with HKD Blue V-575

The list of environmental applications for HKD Blue dust control and eco-snowmaking technology continues to grow. Winter is here – bringing cold temperatures which makes water-atomizing dust suppression challenging. Traditional water cannons and fire hoses struggle in the winter, causing significant ice hazards on the job site. Furthermore, ice will freeze on the material, increasing…

V-575 Models: Diablo Snowmaking Dust Control Nozzle

If you need to control dust in freezing temperatures, V-575 snowmaking technology works in the same capacity as V-500 technology AND natural snowfall. Featured on our V-575 Models, the 3 nucleator nozzles in the Diablo take the compressed air and very fine water droplets to quickly form ice crystals.  These ice crystals make contact with…

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