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V-500 T

Increase Maneuverability with Our Most Dynamic Cannon

HKD Blue’s Next-Gen V-500T gives you the superior performance of our 500 models while also offering ease of transport from job to job. Hitch your pickup to this road-worthy trailer and locate it in the primary work area on your site.

  • Production: Capable of projecting mist 250 ft and providing area coverage of 180,000 sq. ft.
  • GEYSER Technology: Anti-clogging center nozzle with variable flow control (10-100 GPM)
  • Full Remote Control Functionality: Easily control oscillation parameters, spray angle, water-flow and much more from up to 1000 ft.
  • Purpose Built Trailer: Galvanized steel single axle trailer, storage box and leveling jacks
  • Onboard Drains: Comes standard with self draining features to avoid freezing during colder months.

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