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Environmental Snowmaking with the V-575

Our parent company HKD Snowmakers is one of North America’s premier manufacturers of snowmaking equipment. Water atomization is essential for emissions control and snowmaking, and the V-575 series offers both technologies in a single unit. 


V-575 models include a DIABLO snowmaking nozzle and a 7.5 HP Compressor. The DIABLO has 3 “nucleator” nozzles that introduce tiny water droplets to expanding and cooling compressed air to form ice crystals. These crystals are projected into the bulk water flow of the central nozzle, facilitating snowflake production. As a dust particle makes contact with a forming snow crystal, it also facilitates crystallization. 

V-575 GTS

V-575 units are available on Skids, Trailers, Flex Generators, and Towers.

Custom chassis available upon request.  

The Science: 

Natural snowfall has the tremendous attribute of cleansing the air of particulate matter. As water droplets precipitate from the sky, airborne particulates become the “nucleus” for snowflakes to form and crystallize. This concept applies to man-made snow as well. 

Applications include:

  • Dust Control and Dust Suppression 
  • Water Storage 
  • Winter Recreation Activities 
  • Ice Bridge Construction 
  • Smoke Emissions Control 
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