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Port of Coeymans Upgrades to HKD Blue Dust Suppression Equipment

(Coeymans, NY) Carver Companies - the owners of the Port of Coeymans  - can load, discharge and tow just about…

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HKD Blue Develops Spray Cannon for COVID-19 Disinfecting

(Worcester, MA) The global community is struggling to contain the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. Governments have taken extreme…

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HKD Blue V-500T Dust Suppression at NASA Hypergol Maintenance Facility

(Kennedy Space Center - Merritt Island, FL) Completed in 1964, the NASA Hypergol Maintenance Facility  was demolished in the spring…

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Wrecking Begins With V-500 GT Dust Suppression as Gorick Construction Demolishes Hospital Building

(Johnson City, NY) Crews from Gorick Construction (Binghamton, NY) recently began demolishing the old Picciano Building on the UHS Wilson Medical…

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Snowmaking Dust Control and Hazardous Material Encapsulation with HKD Blue V-575

The list of environmental applications for HKD Blue dust control and eco-snowmaking technology continues to grow. Winter is here -…

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Smoke Emissions Control With HKD Blue Water Atomizing V-500 GT

HKD Blue machines are capable than much more than dust control.  Scrap yard and recycling facilities struggle with fire suppression,…

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Demolition Dust Under Control with HKD Blue V-500GT at MathWorks Project

(Natick, Massachusetts) JR Vinagro Corporation began demolishing the former Boston Scientific and current MathWorks building in Natick, Massachusetts earlier this…

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demolition dust control

What is fugitive dust control?

Controlling fugitive dust emissions from demolition work, bulk handling, concrete manufacturing, and scrap metal processing  requires water based suppression strategies. As…

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HKD Blue Offers Fire Protection and Dust Suppression Solutions for Scrap Yards

Among piles of regulations and safety concerns for scrap yard operators across the U.S., dangerous scrap metal fires are becoming…

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Remote Control Automation for Dust Suppression Machines

Powerful atomized mist machines have replaced traditional “hose in hand” methods for dust suppression at demolition sites and dry bulk…

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