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Dust Control

Redefining Dust Control

HKD Blue has developed simple, durable, environmental technology since 1985. Our fan technology has evolved through our snowmaking business, HKD Snowmakers, and has been thoroughly tested in all conditions by customers worldwide. Our versatile, powerful machines are specifically designed to control your dust, odor, and evaporation needs.
V-Flow Technology

V-FLOW Technology

Unlike traditional dust control cannons, HKD Blue machines have Variable Flow Technology (V-Flow) to more efficiently solve your dust control needs. This allows the user to fully calibrate the gun’s performance based on present conditions. HKD Blue’s proprietary central nozzle controls water flow, spray pattern, droplet size, and throw to optimize performance in dynamic conditions. For maximum distance, a narrow spray pattern with higher flow allows you to control dust up to 250’ away. Decrease the flow via remote, or increase the spray angle to catch dust closer to the machine. For fine dust within 40’ of the machine, activate the standard outer misting ring.

Our technology effectively controls dust at demolition sites, mines, dry-bulk handling ports and terminals, aggregate facilities, scrap yards and recycling facilities.

V-FLOW 250

HKD Blue V-Flow 250 machines are ideal for sites with pressurized water. The V-Flow 250's have a 25 HP fan, and come on a lightweight carriage, fixed tower, or skid. For maximum throw at fixed emission locations, the V-250 FX is available on a 20' tower.

V-FLOW 500

Pressurized water is crucial for dust suppressing water atomization. To increase pressure (up to 400PSI) and maximize distance (up to 250'), HKD's V-Flow 500's boast an additional 25 HP booster pump. These units are available on a skid (V-500S), fixed tower (V-500FX), trailer (V-500T), and trailer with an onboard 60KW generator (V-500GT).
Complete remote control functionality and wheel-washing are available on all units.


Buy or Rent

Your Dust Control Solution

To purchase an HKD Blue machine, or for pricing and information, please feel free to reach out to the HKD Blue representative below for a look at our inventory. Our team will be happy to find the right machine for the job. When a rental unit is needed either to satisfy a government standard or regulation, or to handle particularly dusty materials, this option is available as well.

Energy Efficient Snowmaking Fans

With over 30 years of snowmaking experience HKD Blue's environmental product line extends into snowmaking. Our self contained Super Blizzard trailer can be used in cold environmentally sensitive climates to build roads and bridges. The Super Blizzard can also be used to assist in waste water treatment allowing users to increase storage in colder months by building large snow piles which leach slowly in spring and summer. For additional products and services relating to snowmaking please visit
To buy, rent or learn more about HKD Blue please feel free to reach out.

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