Misters & Pump Skids

HKD Blue's expertise in nozzles and spray systems allows us to offer small misting units for immediate, short range dust suppression using small amounts of energy and water. We offer misting systems with a a dedicated pump, or central pumping for multiple sprays.


Micro Tripod

The HKD Micro is your solution for short range dust control applications. The system sprays an atomized mist 20 to 30 feet with interchangeable nozzles to adjust spray pattern and water flow. The MICRO is perfect for localized suppression at material transfer points or hoppers. The unit is equipped with:

  • 230v Single Phase High Pressure Booster Pump
  • Modular tripod design for easy installation, transport, and maintenance.
  • Flow Rates: 1 GPM to 4 GPM, depending on nozzle selection
Micro Tripod

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