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V-Flow 500

V-500 units come standard with a 25HP TEFC Fan motor (33,000 CFM) and a 25HP Vertical pump. With Variable Flow Technology, these machines are capable of pumping 10GPM at 450PSI and 80GPM at 300PSI. The user friendly handheld remote controls all functions – including water flow adjustment, oscillation, and barrel angle.

Interior Dust Control & Specialty Attachments

HKD Blue now offers smaller industrial dust control cannons and accessories. The R-120 is optimal for interior dust control at Waste Transfer Stations, Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Management, and material handling. The GEYSER nozzle can be mounted to an excavator to catch airborne dust at the source.

A low flow misting and fogging unit for shot range dust control in stable environment. The fan motor Variable Speed Drive provides for short (30′) and medium (150′) distance mist protection, avoiding the saturation of valuable commodities. 

The GEYSER attachment is fixed to the stick of your excavator for Ultra High Reach excavators,  or the boom for if you have a substantial shear on the boom that is creating dust. 

V-575 Models

Snowmaking & Nucleation Technology for Sub Freezing Operations

Upgrade your V-500 with a 7.5 HP Compressor, a DIABLO centralized nozzle and 3 heated nucleator nozzles for dust suppression, smoke control, and water storage during the winter time. Ever notice how the air is clearest after a snow storm?

Product News & More Information…

HKD Blue names ROMCO Equipment Co. As Its Exclusive Dealer for Texas

PRESS RELEASE April 13, 2021 Natick, Mass., 4/13/2021—Solidifying its commitment to the Texas marketplace, HKD Blue announced today its partnership with ROMCO Equipment Company, a highly respected Texas-based distributor of heavy equipment for the construction, mining, paving, and aggregate industries.  Starting April 1, 2021, ROMCO will oversee the sales and service for HKD Blue products…

Brayton Point Installs HKD Blue 500 Series Cannon

Somerset, MA  Loading shredded steel at Ports is naturally a dusty process. The greatest dust emission source is the rust that accumulates on the metal when exposed to the elements. The port of Brayton Point, MA handles project cargo, bulk commodities (salt, scrap metal), and soon will serve as a hub for renewable energy projects.…

HKD Blue Develops Spray Cannon for COVID-19 Disinfecting

(Worcester, MA) The global community is struggling to contain the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. Governments have taken extreme measures to contain the virus and provide adequate health care. In order to “flatten the curve” and keep our hospital systems from being overwhelmed, we must start to look at alternative technologies. Misting cannons may…

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