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Crushing and handling concrete with high-reach equipment creates a unique challenge for particulate matter and dust control strategies.

Enter HKD Blue’s GEYSER technology: a solution for ultra-high reach demolition dust control. Our high powered atomizing nozzle attaches to your excavator arm and provides effective dust control directly at the source of the emission. Water flow is controlled by a 120v switch in the excavator cabin.

Meanwhile on the ground, the Geyser’s V-500 fan unit corrals any remaining debris that the GEYSER nozzle does not capture, providing a multi-layered approach to dust control ideal for demolition work in sensitively zoned areas.

  • 25 HP pump of V-500 is optimal for water-atomization
  • Adjustable spray angles and throw on excavator stick
  • Variable Water Flow (V-Flow) 5-30 GPM

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