Brayton Point Installs HKD Blue 500 Series Cannon

Brayton Point Installs HKD Blue 500 Series Cannon

Somerset, MA 

Loading shredded steel at Ports is naturally a dusty process. The greatest dust emission source is the rust that accumulates on the metal when exposed to the elements.

The port of Brayton Point, MA handles project cargo, bulk commodities (salt, scrap metal), and soon will serve as a hub for renewable energy projects. As the port continued to handle more and more tonnage of scrap it was time to invest in the best available practices of dust control.

HKD Blue was contacted for an initial site visit to spec out a cost-effective dust control plan. It was concluded that (1) V-500S dust control cannon located on the south end of the dock would provide enough water capacity to properly wet the material, but also enough atomized mist projection to capture airborne dust particles.

The HKD Blue 500S has the following features that are essential to this operation:

  • Remote Control Functionality
  • Variable Flow Rates – 80 GPM Max
  • GEYSER Central Nozzle (300′ throw)
  • User-Defined Oscillation

After installation, HKD Blue remained on-site for technical training to ensure all operators were familiar with the equipment and prepared for the upcoming vessel operation.