HKD Blue Develops Spray Cannon for COVID-19 Disinfecting

HKD Blue Develops Spray Cannon for COVID-19 Disinfecting

(Worcester, MA)

The global community is struggling to contain the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. Governments have taken extreme measures to contain the virus and provide adequate health care.

In order to “flatten the curve” and keep our hospital systems from being overwhelmed, we must start to look at alternative technologies.

Misting cannons may offer a unique decontaminating and disinfecting technology. On Tuesday, March 24, HKD Blue began testing and production of its first “Terminator” sanitation machine. Many other countries across the world, such as China, Italy, Spain, Iran, Korea, and the Philippines are using water cannons and misting cannons to spray disinfectant onto outdoor surfaces.  Using a pump to pressurize the solution, and fan to project the droplets (10 to 50 microns), the Terminator maximizes the surface area of the disinfectant, and projects the disinfectant over large areas.

The machine is completely remote controlled, including starting and stopping the fan and pump motor, as well as the barrel angle and 180 degrees of operation. More information on the remote functionality can be seen below.