HKD Blue Installs Innovative Fugitive Dust Control at Port of Quebec

HKD Blue Installs Innovative Fugitive Dust Control at Port of Quebec

Sprawled across 520 acres and 14 square miles of harbor, the Port of Quebec is one of North America’s oldest and most important shipping terminals.

As the eastern terminus of the St. Lawrence Seaway, it serves as the primary transhipping location for bulk loads of nickel, iron ore, and coal that arrive from inland ports to be transferred to large ocean-going vessels. 

Due to its sensitive location in the heart of Quebec City, stevedoring companies are required by law to shut down operations if they are unable to contain fugitive dust emissions during bulk handling loading and discharge.

But, with iron ore shipments increasing and coal transfers surpassing 3 million tons in 2014, operational shutdowns are few and far between thanks in part to a major a networked fugitive dust control solution engineered by HKD Blue.

Graphic of (19) HKD Blue V-500 FX tower-mounted dust control cannons at the Port of Quebec

Terminal operators situated in a centralized control room at the Port of Quebec observe as 19 HKD Blue V-500FX units fixed atop galvanized steel towers blast a wall of atomized water mist over the holds of a North American lake freighter while stevedores work beneath them.

The offloaded coal is piled in a nearby storage yard where it will wait to be loaded onto an oceangoing carrier.

The atomist mist of water projected  HKD units corral fugitive coal dust kicked into the air by shifting winds. The water throw forms a barrier of mist over open cargo holds and blankets the piles of stored coal, preventing fugitive coal dust from spreading into the atmosphere.

All is running smoothly until an approaching storm causes a shift in wind direction. Suddenly, the operations team springs into action.

Using networked commands, they are able to calibrate the V-500 FX to counter the dynamic conditions. The  units can increasing their flow rate, and the almost instantaneous  adjustment quickly blankets the new dust patterns.

fugitive coal dust control at port of quebec

Tower mounted HKD Blue V-500FX units blanket a Port of Quebec bulk storage yard with atomized water mist. The units are controlled by a centralized computer network.

Powered by 25 HP fan motors and a 25 HP booster pumps, HKD Blue’s V-500FX units can be rotated 330 degrees and have a maximum adjustable throw reach of 300 ft.

Operators at the Port of Quebec also enjoy the ability to adjust the size of water droplets emitted from their V-500 FX units using HKD Blue’s V-Flow Technology

A powerful central nozzle and outer misting ring combine to produce atomized water droplets depending on dynamic conditions. Smaller droplets hang in the air longer and carry farther than larger water droplets shot from conventional water cannons at greater distances – without sacrificing the particles dust-catching ability. 

Each V-500 series dust control machine is capable of producing misting coverage over an area of 260,000 square feet.

fugitive dust control at shipping terminal

Port operators use a telescopic forklift to elevate an HKD Blue V-500T unit over an open bulk cargo hold.

Over the last decade, the bulk shipping industry has seen an explosive growth in cargo capacity that has catalyzed billions of dollars in port expansions across the globe.

HKD Blue continues to offer a permanent fugitive dust control solution to and industry  that can provide effective atomized mist coverage for the world’s largest bulk loading facilities.

In addition to fixed tower units, HKD Blue also sells and leases crane accessible machines, trailer-mounted units, and  skids for terminals seeking a less comprehensive solution to manage fugitive dust.

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