HKD Blue V-500T Dust Suppression at NASA Hypergol Maintenance Facility

HKD Blue V-500T Dust Suppression at NASA Hypergol Maintenance Facility

(Kennedy Space Center – Merritt Island, FL)

Completed in 1964, the NASA Hypergol Maintenance Facility  was demolished in the spring of 2019.  The facility was built in 1964 to support the Gemini and Apollo spacecraft. The building contained flammable ordnance, hypergolic fuels, and cryogenic systems, requiring the building to be located a safe distance from the KSC Industrial Area. The hypergolic propellant fuel (monomethyl hydrazine)  and oxidizers (nitrogen tetroxide) ignite on contact and required intense safety measures to ensure safety.

“[The facility] had two high-bay test cells, except they measured 40’ x 38’ x 60’, with 45cranes on opposite sides of a two-story central building. The central building contained control rooms, an equipment room, locker rooms, and a machine room. The buildings were designed with special features to ensure the safe handling of hazardous fuels and oxidizers.”

HMF South Fact Sheet from Library of Congress

The structure, with uniquely thick concrete portions, required a high-reach excavator outfitted with a concrete pulverizing attachment, as well as innovative water-atomizing dust suppression technology from HKD Blue.  

ARS Aleut Remediation LLC, the demolition company who focuses on “innovative, cost effective, and safe environmental services” contracted HKD Blue to supply a V-500T for the job. The tall concrete portions that required the high-reach demolition machine were also the sections that required the HKD Blue dust suppression technology



The V-500T was the perfect unit for the project, as it was able to project a narrow stream of atomized mist directly towards the dust emissions source. With integrated Remote Controlled Variable Flow Technology (V-Flow)  – the operator could use the remote control to increase or decrease water usage as necessary.

The project was completed on time thanks to a well-equipped team from ARS International and top-of-the-line HKD Blue dust suppression equipment. 

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