Montreal Children’s Hospital Demolition

Montreal Children’s Hospital Demolition

Designed with the same quality engineering that has made HKD Snowmakers the most trusted name in the snowmaking industry, HKD Blue’s line of eco-protection machines are fully equipped to control dust emissions at the largest and most dynamic demolition jobs

Many construction managers believe respiratory masks are enough to protect your workers from health hazards  (and your business from heavy-handed OSHA fines) but large-scale demolition and construction projects require multiple layers of protection.

The demolition of Montreal’s old children’s hospital was a job that required a dynamic dust control solution provided by HKD Blue.

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When the structure was demolished to make way for a new housing development, the tangle of ceramic tile, wood, concrete, and other pre-1930’s construction materials used in its construction erupted into a plume of silica-containing dust.

The demolition team, wary of curious bystanders, neighbors, and their own safety, used HKD Blue’s machines to project atomized water mist coverage and form a wall of water barrier downwind of the implosion

demolition dust control

An HKD Blue V-500GT operates at the demolition of a condemned school in Worcester, MA. HKD Blue machines are crane accessible and crews oscillate and adjust dynamic water throw settings remotely.

The controlled implosion might get the most fanfare but it was only half of the team’s demolition responsibilities.

As crews worked, three HKD Blue V-500T machines provided atomized mist coverage over the large demolition sight. 

As a fleet of heavy excavators and hydraulic machines worked – grinding, abrading and moving of concrete and ceramic materials – crystalline silica dust kicked up by Montreal’s swirling downtown winds threatened to shut down operations. 

Parts of the old hospital lay close to local streets and sensitively zoned neighborhoods. The trailer-mounted units provided easy maneuverability and crane accessibility allows for elevate coverage


With a powerful 25 HP electric fan, GEYSER central nozzle and dynamic outer misting ring, HKD Blue’s machines provide effective dust control at the most sensitive demolition sites.

With HKD Blue’s machines, maintenance crews were able to oscillate and adjust throw reach and angle to project water over a combined area of 600,000 ft., and the dynamic misting coverage allowed demolition crews to successfully complete their job safely, efficiently, and on time.

The demolition of Montreal’s old children’s hospital is just another example of how HKD Blue provides quality, environmental control solutions for demolition jobs. The company also works with dry bulk handlers and scrap yards to provide enhanced fugitive dust control and fire protection solutions. 

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