Remote Control Automation for Dust Suppression Machines

Remote Control Automation for Dust Suppression Machines

Powerful atomized mist machines have replaced traditional “hose in hand” methods for dust suppression at demolition sites and dry bulk terminals across North America and the globe.

Most machines on the simply cannot get the job done. The throw and coverage area might be fine on a calm day in a perfectly accessible site but, as soon as the wind picks up or shits, or the excavator moves to demolish a new portion of the building, manual dust control machines require time and labor to readjust. 

Don’t waste your time with outdated equipment, HKD Blue’s machines combine customizable setups and dynamic water spray control methods powered by remote control or an automated network.


Operators can oscillate HKD Blue machines 350 degrees, adjust dust control water cannon angle, and adjust water flow and water droplet size for distance control, all depending on your site’s dynamic conditions.

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Our product line offers DOT trailer assemblies, compact skids, and tower mounts, as well as customized accessories and options for ultra-high reach demolition.  

We know your site has unique obstacles to water suppression methods. We work with port operators, demolition teams, and scrap yards to engineer custom solutions for your site’s operation.

Schedule a demo today with HKD Blue and we will arrive on your site with our machine and set it up next to your current dust control solution. We rent, lease, and sell equipment.

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