Smoke Emissions Control With HKD Blue Water Atomizing V-500 GT

Smoke Emissions Control With HKD Blue Water Atomizing V-500 GT

HKD Blue machines are capable than much more than dust control. 

Scrap yard and recycling facilities struggle with fire suppression, smoke control, and containing fugitive dust. These are all very important for safe operations and are hot topics industry-wide. The HKD Blue V-500GT is your solution for all three types of environmental protection. The water atomizing technology is tried and tested for containing fugitive dust, containing potential hot-spots in stockpiles, and now for controlling smoke emissions from burning and cutting activities. 


A V-500GT Self-Contained Unit Controlling Smoke Emissions During Torching Activities


Black smoke is typically unburnt carbon particles, which can be dangerous to inhale, flammable, and also can gain the attention of local and federal environmental agencies. In these conditions, HKD Blue V-500GT is is aimed downwind of the emissions, keeping the cutters dry while also catching fugitive smoke and carbon particles. As smoke levels increase, the user can adjust the water flow via remote control and oscillate the machine towards the emissions location. 


The V-500 GT has it’s own generator, so you can easily relocate the machine without worrying about running 480v power on the site. With this unit, you can control your smoke and dust emissions, while also using the machine at higher flow rates to prevent fires from happening during the warmer months. 



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