Snowmaking Dust Control and Hazardous Material Encapsulation with HKD Blue V-575

Snowmaking Dust Control and Hazardous Material Encapsulation with HKD Blue V-575

The list of environmental applications for HKD Blue dust control and eco-snowmaking technology continues to grow.

Winter is here – bringing cold temperatures which makes water-atomizing dust suppression challenging. Traditional water cannons and fire hoses struggle in the winter, causing significant ice hazards on the job site. Furthermore, ice will freeze on the material, increasing the total weight of removable debris.

The HKD Blue V-575 Snowmaking Option is the only North American Product that provides snowflake dust suppression for sub-freezing demolition projects. The V-Flow Diablo Sowmaking Nozzle, has (3) “nucleator” nozzles that  take expanding, cooling, compressed air from the 7.5HP compressor for tiny ice crystal production. These ice crystals, along with the fugitive dust particles, act as the “seed” or “nucleus” that effectively captures silica and concrete dust emissions. 

Put simply, emerging snowflakes make contact with dust particles and the result: Dusty Snow. 

CAD Drawing of Diablo Snowmaking Nozzle

Once the demolition of a a structure is complete, the remaining rubble often contains hazardous material such as asbestos. Traditional tarps are expensive, and are constantly  replaced from wear and tear, breaking containment. Instead of tarps, operators can use snowmaking encapsulation, using an HKD V-575 to cover the material with a thin (or thick) layer of snow. 

Snow accumulates on the pile of rubble containing hazardous material such as asbestos.


“I had to make sure the practice was approved by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. After their immediate approval, I bought another unit on the spot for my next job. I needed the machine in two weeks, and the guys at HKD Blue built a new unit for me right away. In the Northeast, we’re wrecking year round. This snowmaking encapsulation technique has already saved me thousands in plastic, and I look forward to using the new unit on my next job”

Thomas Frongillo, Owner-Operator, F&D Truck Co. Inc.

An HKD Blue V-575 T contains dust emissions at a massive infrastructure project in Montréal



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