V-575 Models: Diablo Snowmaking Dust Control Nozzle

V-575 Models: Diablo Snowmaking Dust Control Nozzle

If you need to control dust in freezing temperatures, V-575 snowmaking technology works in the same capacity as V-500 technology AND natural snowfall. Featured on our V-575 Models, the 3 nucleator nozzles in the Diablo take the compressed air and very fine water droplets to quickly form ice crystals.  These ice crystals make contact with the bulk water flow to further facilitate snowflake production and dust suppression. 

The Diablo Nozzle allows you to continue projects that require dust suppression when the temperature drops below freezing. Originally developed for large production snowmaking in the ski industry, the nozzle also acts as a solution to create the same effect that natural snowfall has cleansing the air of particulate matter. Pure water will not freeze at 30 degrees Fahrenheit, in fact, the water needs a nucleus to form an ice crystal. The 3 nucleators within the Diablo Nozzle create this nucleus to facilitate the control of dust particles and further facilitate the snowmaking.

Mechanical Drawing of the Diablo Nozzle


  • 7.5 HP Compressor with hydraulic hose to supply compressed air to the 3 nucleator nozzles 
  • Heated interior for nozzles to prevent freezing 
  • 10-80 GPM @ 350-450 PSI 
  • Nozzle runs 120v circuit 
  • Remote Controlled water flow – any quantity between 10 GPM and 80 GPM
  • Variable Spray pattern:  0-45 degrees 
  • 2” Cam connection in to barrel of the fan. This is is modular, so it can be completely replaced with GEYSER for warmer operations.  
  • Flow indicator 1-10 

The DIABLO is capable of big production snowmaking, subfreezing dust control, and many other applications. 

The Snowflake Dust Control Method In Action

Applications for the V-575 unit include dust control and dust suppression, winter dust control and winter dust suppression, water storage, winter recreation, snowmaking, snow production, ice bridge construction, smoke emissions control, scrap yard dust control, covering bulk material and aggregates with a layer of snow to prevent emissions.

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