HKD Blue Offers Fire Protection and Dust Suppression Solutions for Scrap Yards

HKD Blue Offers Fire Protection and Dust Suppression Solutions for Scrap Yards

Among piles of regulations and safety concerns for scrap yard operators across the U.S., dangerous scrap metal fires are becoming increasingly common.

The fires affect both small scrap facilities with a handful of employees and large export terminals that use mega crushers to process thousands of tons of materials a day.

Scrap metal recycling is a $20 billion industry in the U.S. with operators processing over 120 million tons of ferrous and non-ferrous materials every year.  

According to the National Fire Protection Association, firefighters respond to over 30,000 fire incidents at metal scrap yards every year resulting in an estimated $1 billion in direct property damage.

Recent media coverage of major scrap yard fires in the U.S. has drawn increased scrutiny to operators as they look for ways to prevent and extinguish fires. The worst scrap yard fires can take days to extinguish, resulting in heavy revenue losses.

How can scrap yard facilities prevent fires?

A recently released article in Recycling Product News lays out a multi-step approach to managing fire risk.  Implementing a regular “housekeeping routine” at your yard is one obvious recommendation among others.

In recent years, scrap operators looking for industrial grade fire protection machines have turned to companies that provide fugitive dust emission control and environmental solutions primarily for demolition crews and dry bulk terminals.

Most water cannons on the market will barely reach the top of your pile, but HKD Blue machines have the GEYSER nozzle which allows for a narrow spray angle, increasing distance to 250’ in neutral conditions. This nozzle flows up to 100 gallons per minute at 450 PSI (if necessary).

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With HKD Blue’s proprietary central nozzle and peripheral mist ring, users can calibrate spray pattern, water flow, droplet size and range depending on the dynamic conditions of a specific site.

HKD Blue’s machines are engineered to provide scrap maintenance teams with a dynamic atomized water disbursement system.

Our solutions feature full remote control capability that allows users to increase or decrease water flow as needed, rotate 330 degrees, raise or lower the barrel angle, and adjust water droplet size to optimize usage.

Hook into onsite power or your generator, or use our flagship V-500GT machine complete with a 60KW Isuzu-powered generator. Customizable carriage solutions are also available.

Strategic locations for water guns on any scrap yard are few and far between.

Our machines come on DOT certified trailers and are engineered with a balanced center of gravity for crane accessibility to adjust coverage.

Need a custom engineered fire protection for your scrap yard?

We know our machines are only one component of your wider strategy, and your yard requires a dynamic solution. 

HKD Blue sells, rents, and leases, dust control equipment.

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