Worcester Church Demolition Is Full Throttle with Custom HKD Blue V-575 SS Dust Control System

Worcester Church Demolition Is Full Throttle with Custom HKD Blue V-575 SS Dust Control System

(Worcester, Massachusetts)

F&D Truck Co., Inc., out of Millbury, MA began the exterior demolition of the the Notre Dame Church in downtown Worcester, MA earlier this week.  F&D is primarily using 2 CAT Ultra-High reach excavators, one with a grapple for surgeon-like dismantling (see video below) and the other for sorting steel, aluminum, and other recyclable metals.

For dust control, they are using a state-of-the art custom built HKD Blue V-575 SS to control concrete, brick, asbestos, and silica dust. All of these hazardous materials are closely monitored by strategically located devices surrounding the 2-acre property.  

“It does everything we want it to do.”

Thomas Frongillo – Owner & Operator, F&D Truck Co., Inc. 

Rather than aim the spray at the top of the building (obstructing the operators view), the narrow spray of atomized mist blankets the ground, preventing the bulk dust emissions which comes from falling debris. The effectiveness of this application is perfectly visible in the video below:


The compact skid was designed with the customer, then engineered and manufactured at the HKD Factory.  Our engineers, electricians, mechanics and welders had the machine designed, built and delivered just in time before the OSHA Silica Law was implemented in the fall of 2017. 

The unit fits in the bed of their Chevy pick up while also towing “Big Red” – an 80 kVa generator – to power the machine. This unit is an example of HKD Blue’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities, as well as our dedication to building practical dust control solutions for our customers. 

The result: an elite, self-powered, mobile, and remote controlled demolition dust control cannon. 

Quick Unit Specs:

  • Complete remote controlled functionality 
  • 350 degrees oscillation (3-seconds to program rotation parameters)
  • Electric Jack (up / down)
  • Variable Water Flow (remote controlled)
  • Pressure Washer
  • Complete Specs Here…

F&D also requested the Snowmaking Option on the unit – a 7.5 HP Compressor and Nucleation Nozzles. This additional 7.5 HP compressor impacts the product nomenclature.  A standard V-500 has 50 total horsepower of TEFC motors,  while the V-575 has 57.5 total horsepower of TEFC motors. 

The Frongillo’s are some of the best operators in the business and a rock solid wrecking crew. They’ll have this building razed in no time. 

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