Demex Helps Rebuild Montreal Highway With the Help of HKD-Blue V-500T Machines

Demex Helps Rebuild Montreal Highway With the Help of HKD-Blue V-500T Machines

Major highway demolition and construction projects require a dynamic dust control solution.

Located southwest of downtown Montreal, the Turcot Exchange is Quebec’s largest highway interchange.

The meandering tangle of concrete onramps has been described as the “functional heart” of the city – transporting over 300,000 vehicles every day and linking Montreal to the Champlain Bridge and several major highways.

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A recent demolition of a section of the exchange involved crushing and clearing road debris, concrete, steel, and slag on heavily traveled sections of the interchange located amidst residential structures and the McGill University Hospital Centre on Rue St. Jacques.

Understanding the unique and sensitive conditions of the demolition area,  Demex partnered with HKD Blue to execute a successful dust control strategy with the help of the company’s dynamic line of demolition dust control machines.

Drone footage captures (2) V-500T units controlling concrete dust from demolition activity.

Remote control operations allowed crew members on site to adjust the flow and throw of HKD’s central GEYSER nozzle and outer misting ring technology in order to manage the particle debris produced by hydraulic crushing and aggravated by dry summer conditions.

Aside from sensitive environmental factors, the physical accessibility of any site can make implementing industrial dust control strategies a potentially dangerous challenge for demolishing or hydraulic crushing companies.

In addition to remote Variable Flow Technology control, The HKD BLUE product line offers a variety of solutions that allow crews to easily – and safely – maneuver machines around the demolition source and between job sites.

Our machines come with fully galvanized DOT certified trailers. And they can be engineered to fit in the bed of your pickup truck and allow crane accessibility.

Our GEYSER can be attached to your excavator stick and delivers complete debris control at the source of emission.

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